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Common Bad Habits are Threats to Safety

04/19/2015 Back To Blog

The level of security you enjoy around your home depends on how mindful you are of your own safety. Sometimes, it is your bad habits that cause a loophole, in which potential thieves break in.Don't Leave Your Keys in Locks


Here are bad habits you should refrain from indulging in


*Leaving your keys in locks. This is one of the most common mistakes homeowners do that encourage attacks. If you forget taking your keys from the lock, someone could sneak in and get them. You will not only suffer from lost house keys but should also expect a break in anytime soon.


*Leaving your keys in a place accessible to outsiders. Keys should be kept in a discreet place that only you and the other members of the household know about. However, you should not keep it entirely hidden and forgettable because it could cause a home lockout.


*Leaving your house keys at the dashboard of your car. You will give someone breaking into your car an easy time breaking into your home, too. Sometimes, house keys displayed prominently at the dashboard invites potential thieves to break your car lock.


*Leaving locks unlocked. This is a serious mistake that everyone should be wary about. Yes, you have high security locks to protect the family. But are you using them properly? If not, you lose all its worthiness.


*Keeping key codes unchanged for a long period of time. If you have keyless systems and locks that unlock using codes, you should change the codes often. Make sure though, that you keep track of the changes. Otherwise, you could suffer from being locked out of your own home.


*Divulging key codes to others. Key codes should be discreetly kept within the family circle. Letting others know of it increases the risk of it falling to the hands of the wrong persons.


*Forgetting to set off the alarm system. It cannot be stressed enough that all the money you spend on improving your security is money lost if you do not actually make use of them.


*Leaving tools and ladders lying around. If you are not careful, potential criminals can gain access to your home using your very own tools. To avoid this from happening, you should keep your tools neatly locked in your garage or any storage area you have at home.


Your safety is in your hands. Make sure that you are careful enough to deter potential attacks.

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