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Valuable answers to commonly asked questions on door locks and keys on one page

Leave no stone unturned! If you have some questions regarding the repair and installation of locks and door knobs, you can swing by our FAQs page first and scan through the list of resolved queries by our previous clients. Read on and solve your problem today.

  • Should I get the lock changed for every new tenant?

    This is not considered to be mandatory, but it will certainly help to make the premises much more secure. The major alternative to lock replacement is rekeying. In this case, the internal mechanism of the existing lock is modified and new keys are required for the device's operation.

  • Are digital locks better than physical ones?

    There is not a straightforward answer to this question because the level of security and dependability of a lock depend on its design and make. In general, digital devices are protected from threats which are common for their physical counterparts such as key loss. However, our professionals in South Ockendon recommend that each device is assessed individually.

  • Is new key cutting the right solution for key loss?

    When a key is lost, the lock has to be rekeyed or replaced so it can be used with a different key. Otherwise, anyone who finds the lost device will be able to enter the premises directly. The lock change or rekey is essential for restoring the security of the place.

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