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Knowing the Various Types of Locks for Your Home

05/06/2015 Back To Blog

Protecting your home and business is one of the most important things for living a peaceful, happy life. While investing in security fences and CCTVs is a must, you should also consider opting for domestic and commercial locksmith services to completely obtain safety and security throughout the premises.

Different Locks for the Home or Office

There are more secure kinds of locks out there, and fully understanding them is optimal as your choice depends solely on you.Knowing the Various Types of Locks for Your Home

Keyless – The locks don't require keys, thus, the name. However, they are closed and opened with the use of a unique code through a keypad. Keyless locks are very secure, knowing they don't have a keyhole to pick. They are mostly used by companies due to their high security level.

Deadbolts – considered the most common, deadbolts use a solid metal cylinder protruding through the jam of the door and into the wall. There are also various types of deadbolt locks, including single-cylinder, double-cylinder, and surface-mount.

Door handle locks – For bathroom doors, handle locks are ideal. Since, the bathroom is inside the room, they don't require high security. Safety is the main concern in case somebody is trapped inside, that is why they can easily be picked.

Indeed, there are several lock types, not only for businesses and residences, but for vehicles as well. However, along with various locks arise different problems too. Office lockouts, burglaries, lost car keys, among others could happen any time. Likewise, since they are difficult to handle on your own, it is vital to seek assistance from a reliable locksmith company that offers a range of locksmith services. We, at locksmith South Ockendon, offer proficient commercial and domestic locksmith services that are of the highest quality. In addition, implement repairs regarding security issues at home or in the office. So if, for instance, you have experienced being locked out of your home or vehicle or if you think your property security has been compromised, simply get in touch with us for fast assistance by 24 hour locksmith services. Trust us to be there no matter the time of day.

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