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Enjoy a high level of security with the lock tips which you find here

  • How long does it take to open a locked door?

    Most times a locksmith can gain entrance in just minutes. However, some locks that are unusually complex can take a little longer.

  • Change your locks regularly

    Normal wear and tear can compromise the quality of your locks. Sometimes keys will just stop working or sometimes it could be easier to break them. This can be dangerous to your property and even to your family. Have a lock change done by one of our experts to ensure their quality.

  • Have a Deadbolt Lock Installed on Your Back Door

    Deadbolts are considered to be safer than regular door knobs as they can only be opened using the correct key. It could be that it may need the key from both the outside and inside of the house. This is not only for the main entrance, but for the back door too as this could also be the point of entry of an intruder.

  • Have damaged keys fixed immediately

    You must not attempt to unlock and lock a door with a key which is obviously damaged. Even if it is just slightly bent or chipped, you should not insert it in the lock as it can cause considerable damage to the internal mechanism and make the problem more serious. If repair is not possible, timely replacement is required.

  • Invest in new locks which can be rekeyed

    This is a smart solution since rekeying is typically easier, quicker and cheaper compared to lock replacement. This can be quite beneficial in case of an emergency when a solution has to be provided in the fastest possible manner. Still, our experts in South Ockendon point out that in some situations lock change may be better than rekeying.

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