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UPVC Door Locks

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Lock Replacement

When is this required? One of the major advantages of UPVC door locks is that they include two separate components - a Euro profile cylinder and a multipoint locking mechanism. If the cylinder gets broken or completely worn, you won’t be able to turn or even insert the key. This component can be replaced without changing the mechanism. If the mechanism fails because of breaking or extensive wearing, you won’t be able to lock the door even though the key turns smoothly. Again, only this component should be replaced. Changing both components is the best option once the lockset is outdated. A cylinder with a three-star rating will have the highest resistant to snapping. The points of the locking mechanism should be strong and thick so that no one will be able to open the door using force.UPVC Door Locks in United Kingdom

UPVC Doors and Frames Repair

It may sound surprising, but the rubbers increasing the energy efficiency of the door are often to blame for difficult closing and locking. If they are loose, they can get into the way of the door and the lock’s bolt. Replacing them will help to solve the front door problem. If the hinges are not properly adjusted or got loose or damaged, they will prevent the door from fitting the frame perfectly. They should be readjusted, fixed or replaced. Both the panel and the frame can get scrapes, cracks, chips and splits. The sooner they are repaired the better. When the damage is great, the panel or frame may have to be replaced.

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