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When Did You Last Replace Your Keys

04/19/2015 Back To Blog

Thorough review of your home’s security is very important to ensure that order is in place, that burglars and thieves will not find a loophole to break in. What kind of security products are in place, including how well they are installed, must be duly noted. You also need to qualify the amount of coverage that your keys and locks provide, according to their current state.Replace Your Keys


What Keys and Locks


Domestic locksmiths offer a handful of products that help homeowners reinforce tougher security that will put off any plans of break in and burglary.  When you have some work done in your estate, make sure that it is fully insured work. Make sure that it follows the local guidelines. It pays to have ample amount of protection so as not to jeopardise your family’s safety.


These days, British standard locks may no longer be enough. Garages, windows, doors, and other entry points must be reinforced with stronger locks. Keyless systems and master key systems have also become popular for home installation. In addition, safes, cabinet locks, and other tools that will safeguard personal belongings are made available.


But your security is defined not just by the quality of locks currently installed but whether or not you are able to submit to locked door and lock & key issues effectively. It is not enough that you have fortified your locks. It is also very important that you know the important maintenance procedures to help ensure that indeed, your locks are working right for you still.


When did you last have lock and key replacements?


Replacing locks and keys is very important, especially if you are living in an apartment or you have acquired a property from a previous owner. You must change locks and keys as soon as you move in to avoid previous tenants or homeowners from gaining easy access. Lock and key change is also advisable to be done periodically to foil any attempts of a break-in by ruthless criminals who might have made copies of your keys unknown to you. Over time, locks and keys may also have issues of damage and being worn out. This is another consideration for a lock replacement.


All in all, you need to have your security measures thoroughly inspected so you know what steps to take to enjoy peace of mind.

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